Game of Thrones Winter is Coming (Game) Wiki

Westerosi Navigator.png

You can access the Westerosi navigator through the Mariner's Hall.

It will run for 3 days and then will be inactive for the remainder of the week.


The normal route cost 1 token and can give the following rewards:

The exotic route costs 10 token and can give the following rewards:

As bonus items the following chests can drop on both routes with increased drop rate (This can change on other routes):



After 9 tokens, the 10th token can end in two places:

  • Treasure Isle - here you will receive a set amount of Exploration Coins (50 on normal and 500 on exotic).
  • Diamond Cave - (Smaller chance) Here you will receive a random amount of turns where you get only diamonds and maybe even the jackpot!

The Jackpot can give up to 650,000 Blue diamonds maximum on normal and up to 9,000,000 on exotic.

This cannot exceed the current Jackpot size.

Exploration Shop (Tyrosh)[]

In Tyrosh you can spend you Exploration Coins, you can buy the following items:

Name Cost
Speed Up 60m 100
Roasted Chicken 10
Truce 24h 100
City Wall Robust Badge 250
City Defense Determination Badge 250
Infantry Determination Badge 250
Spearmen Determination Badge 250
Cavalry Determination Badge 250
City Defense Power Badge 250
Bowman Accuracy Badge 250
Spearmen Piercing Badge 250
Infantry Assault Badge 250
Cavalry Raid Badge 250
Stone Men Roll 450
Arbor Gold Cup 450
Stag Horn 450
Angry Smallfolk Medal 150


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