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Weirwood Memories is a regular major event introduced in July 2020. Similar to Weirwood Tree Trials, complete stages and quests to collect the currency necessary to exchange for items in the event shop.


  • Players from servers which are open for more than 14 days
  • Participating in the event consumes Stamina. Items and effects that recover stamina such as the Spirit of Weirwood Tree can help you to clear more stages.
  • Each successful fight costs 15 Stamina, failures are free.


Click on the icon “Weirwood Memories” via “Major Event” on the top right corner of the game interface.

Duration and iterations[]

Weirwood Memories is an eight-day event:

  • Clear stages and complete quests in the first seven days.
  • One more day to exchange items in the stop.


  • July 20 - July 27, 2020
  • Aug 24 -

Stages and quests[]

There are three difficulty modes available: Normal, Elite and Epic.

  • Clearing stages to obtain items like Weirwood Tokens that can be used to exchange for items in the shop.
  • Unlike in Weirwood Tree trials, three-starring a stage does not yield any benefit.
  • After you complete a stage, you can blitz it. There's no daily blitz limit.

Complete Challenge Quests and Daily Quests can also grant you Weirwood Tokens once you meet the requirement.

  • Challenge Quests require that you progress to certain stage.
  • Daily Quests simply require that you clear any stage 4/8/16/24/48/72 times.


Trade Weirwood Tokens for exclusive rewards:

It seems that to unlock some rewards in the shop, you will have to clear certain stages in the event.

You LOSE unspent Weirwood Tokens after the event ends.

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