War of the Kingdoms, also called KvK, is a regular event where two kingdoms fight against each other.

During the event, the system assigns a server as the enemy. Attacking the enemy server or defending your server awards points. After 24 hours, the server with more points will be the winner. Players on each server also compete with each other, top scorers are awarded.

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Several restrictions apply during the event:

  • You cannot join or leave an alliance.
  • You cannot use Transnational Relocation (move to another kingdom).
  • Training Grounds are closed.
  • Captured lords return to their castles within 6 hours and they cannot be executed.

Awarding points[edit | edit source]

The following activities award points:

  • Occupy great cities (on either server)
  • Eliminate enemy server troops (on either server)
  • Gather resources (on enemy server only)
  • Expeditions (Expeditions no longer provide points)

Event rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Personal goals and alliance goals (during the event): reach a certain number of points and you can claim rewards.
  • Personal rank and alliance rank (after the event): best players and alliances receive rewards based on their ranking.
  • Diamond Mines appear on the world map of all kingdoms that participated in the event. Winners get mines up to level 5, losers get mines up to level 3.

Occupying great cities[edit | edit source]

  • During the event, all Great Cities are in Dispute mode. They return to peace after the event.
  • During the event, the alliance that occupies a Great City for the longest time claims the Great City after the event.
  • The buffs from occupying a Great City in the enemy kingdom cannot be used at the same time as those from the home kingdom.
  • 5 days after KvK, the upcoming Castle Siege timer is reset according to the previous Castle Siege in each Kingdom.

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