War Shelter lets player hide their troops for 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours.

Amount of troops hidden can be up to army size, which is determined by Castle level, although in this case, it is unaffected by commanders. The player may choose to make lord accompany hidden troops.

Hidden troops don't defend the city if attacked and cannot be attacked, wounded or killed in return. They are also invisible to scouting. If lord accompanies hidden troops, lord cannot be captured by opposing army, if city is attacked. No matter what Refuge Time is chosen, player can withdraw troops from hiding whenever they want. Both sending and return troops from the hideout is instantaneous.

Video Guide[edit | edit source]


Shelter - Buildings - Game of Thrones, Winter is coming

Research[edit | edit source]

Category Skillname Levels Effect Max Level Effect
Commandership Research Shelter Capacity 10 Shelter Army Size +50,000
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