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Team up with your friends to seek the long lost treasure or plunder a treasure site occupied by other players. Dragon dyes, dragon essences, badges, and other surprising fortunes are up for anyone's grab!

Treasure Seeker is an event introduced in June 1111.


  • Requirement: Players with Castle level 1 or above
  • Entrance: Click ”Treasure Seeker” in Events to access the event.
  • Note: Your troops may get wounded or die when defending or plundering treasure sites.

Team up[]

Team up with your friends to search for treasures on Westeros!

  • One team consists of 3 players from the different kingdom.
  • You must create a formation for deployment after joining a team.
  • Only the team leaders can start searching or plundering treasure sites when the team is full and ready, and only their Commander and Army bonuses are applied in battle.
  • The second player joining in the team will automatically become the leader when the original team leader leaves.

Search for treasure[]

After successfully setting up the team, you can search for treasure sites scattered on the map and possibly encounter opponents from different kingdoms. The higher the treasure site level is, the better rewards it yields.

One Search/Plunder will deduct 1 attempt from each team member. As a team member, you cannot quit during the period, nor can you transfer to another kingdom. You can modify the formation after your army has returned.

Once you occupy a treasure site, you have to defend it until the end to claim the rewards. Opponent team will plunder/hold the treasure site once you fail to defend. The occupying army details are hidden, only general information is available.


  • You receive 5 Search attempts per day for free. You can purchase one extra for 500 Blue Diamonds.
  • You receive 2 Plunder attempts per day for free. You can purchase one extra for 1000 Blue Diamonds;
  • Attempts reset daily.
  • The additional attempts you purchase won’t expire and can be used in the next round.


Three chests will be available for the winners’ team after successfully defending/plundering and occupying the treasure site. Click one of the chests to claim the rewards. Rewards include:

Each chest contains different rewards randomly.


  • June 14 - June 16, 2020
  • July 12 - July 14, 2020

Video Guide[]


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