Game of Thrones Winter is Coming (Game) Wiki

Seven Blessing.png

The blessing of the Seven falls upon the Lords and Ladies of Westeros again. All players will reap the benefits.

During the event several elements in the world give a bonus reward, sometimes up to double the rewards.


Name Effect Chant
Rebel Group Rewards Double rewards from Rebel Groups May the Warrior grant you courage and swift victory!
Gathering Speed Bonus Resource gathering speed increased by 10% May the Smith grant you strength!
Alliance Trial Attack Bonus Damage against Alliance Bosses increased by 20% Your weapons have been blessed by the gods!
Double Trial Rewards Double rewards in Weirwood Tree trials The Old Gods respond to their followers once again!
Diamond Rebate Diamond rewards when selling Spoils in the Merchant Guild May the Lion of Night bring fortune to everyone!
Double Quest Rewards Double rewards from Alliance quests Praise the great Bakkalon!
Bounty Rewards Double rewards from Rebel Leaders The Many-Faced Gods looks forward to your offerings.