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Activate your buffs in the sept

In the Sept of the Seven you can activate your buffs and view your active buffs.

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Sept of the Seven - Buildings - Game of Thrones, Winter is coming


The Sept of the Seven building shows your buffs over several categories.

  1. Current Active Skill Effect - Shows your currently active skills and their duration.
  2. Military Action
    1. Fervor: Whenever you attack, you will automatically gain Fervor and cannot use Truces for up the 15 minutes. This will leave you vulnerable for attacks.
    2. Truce: Activate a Truce to protect your city
  3. Military Preparation - Can only have one at the same time
    1. Total Attack
    2. Total Defense
    3. Immediate Curfew
  4. Military Strategy
    1. Army Size
    2. Upkeep Reduction
    3. Bluff
    4. Lord EXP Bonus
    5. Expedition Damage
  5. Resource and Economy
    1. Gathering Speed Bonus
    2. Grain Production
    3. Iron Production
    4. Stone Production
    5. Wood Production
    6. Gold Dragons Production
    7. Construction Speed
    8. Training Speed