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Rebel leaders are various enemy troops that randomly spawn on the map that you can defeat for XP and treasure.


  • Attacking rebel leaders (expeditions) costs motivation. You regain motivation over time; or you can consume motivation items that allow you to regain some motivation instantly.
  • Each expedition decreases the health of a rebel leader group. Consecutive expeditions against the same enemy grant you a damage bonus (Combo Cap).
  • You can dispatch only a single expedition simultaneously.
  • You have to join an Alliance before you can go on an Expedition.


Each attack versus rebel leaders can yield experience for lord and your commanders, resources, and crafting materials for Blacksmith.

When you defeat a rebel leader, this additionally yields an Alliance Gift that all alliance members can redeem.


Rebel Leaders come in levels one to five. You need to research the appropriate technology at the Maester's Tower to attack higher-level leaders. Expeditions versus higher level leaders cost more motivation than lower level.

Level Base motivation cost
1 600
2 1000
3 1600
4 2800
5 3600

Types of rebel leaders

Each rebel leader has troops of a certain type and can yield crafting materials for certain sets. You can check Blacksmith > Forge > Rewards Calendar to see what rebel leaders spawn on what days.

Name Troop type Crafting materials
Black Ears Infantry Storm's Rage set
Bolton's Boys Archery Frost set
Crownlands Rioter Infantry Builder set
Greenblood Warrior Spearmen Sunspear set
Hedge Knight Cavalry Oath set
Narrow Sea Raider Cavarly Sunspear set
Northern Rebel Spearmen Frost set
Oldtown Student Infantry Maester's set
Riverlands Poacher Bowmen Huntsman set
Stone Way Claimant Spearmen Oath set
Stormlands Insurgent Infantry Storm's Rage set
Westerlands Ore Thief Cavalry Builder set


  • You can find an overview of your bonuses versus Rebel Leaders on your Lord screen, Details tab, Leader Expedition Upgrade section.
  • Several Researches grant you bonuses versus rebel leaders.
  • Military Strategy is a Sept of the Seven buff that temporarily increases your damage versus rebel leaders by 25%.
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