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Rebel groups are various enemy troops that randomly spawn on the world map that you can defeat for XP and treasure. Rebel groups were introduced in April 2019. 1


  • Attacking rebel groups costs 200 Endurance. You regain Endurance over time at the rate of 1 point of Endurance over 35 seconds. Or, you can consume Endurance items that allow you to regain some instantly.
  • Rebel groups rank from level 1 to 25. Each level increases in difficulty.
  • You must defeat a lower-level rebel group before you can attack the next level.
  • Attacking rebel groups is similar to PvP fights. You can use your commanders, army, and Lord Gear.
  • You do not lose troops in fights with rebel groups; all troops are healed and revived after each attack.
  • You can use City Affairs to automatically spend spare Endurance to instantly defeat the highest-ranking non-elite rebel group that you have defeated before. This does not count against your Deployment Limit.

Elite groups[]

Elite rebel groups are a harder variant of rebel groups. They are available on level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Defeating an elite rebel group has a chance to yield extra rewards.


Each victory versus a rebel group can yield experience for lord and your commanders, resources, Blue Diamonds, and crafting materials for Blacksmith (Rebel’s End set).

When you defeat a rebel group of a certain level for the first time, you receive an additional first time bonus.

Elite groups can additionally drop Troop Appearance medals (Oldtown Bowmen).


Fights against rebel groups use formations. Use suitable counters to defeat your enemy.