Game of Thrones Winter is Coming (Game) Wiki

Rebel Camps are NPC enemy troops that randomly spawn on the world map. You can Rally your allies and attack them to fame and spoils.


  • You must be in an Alliance to attack camps.
  • At least one more player must join the rally


  • Camps come in levels from 1 to 5.
  • Camps of the same level can contain different troops.
  • You can see the power of a camp directly, and you can scout to learn more details.


  • Destroying a camp gives you and your rallied allies spoils. Failure resets the camp to its initial status.
  • You can exchange spoils for items at the Merchant Guild.


  • Scouting or rallying against camps does not activate Fervor.
  • The Seven will heal most of the casualties after battle.


What troops to bring?

Quote by ZurEnArrhBatman, originally posted on Feb 5, 2020 (reddit)
If the enemy has two or fewer troop types (not counting Bowmen), your decision is easy:
  • Against infantry only, run cavalry only.
  • Against cavalry only, run spearmen only.
  • Against spearmen only, run infantry only.
  • Against bowmen only, run cavalry-spearmen.
  • Against infantry and cavalry, run cavalry-spearmen.
  • Against infantry and spearmen, run infantry-cavalry.
  • Against cavalry and spearmen, run spearmen-infantry.