Game of Thrones Winter is Coming (Game) Wiki

Lords can equip powerful artifacts that help them to improve the kingdom and defeat their adversaries.

Creating the items[]

You can create the equipment for your lord in your Blacksmith, on the Blacksmith > Forge > Forge Equipment tab. You can craft one item at a time. To craft, you need custom ingredients (depending on the particular equipment piece), Gold Dragons, and time. Upgrading the Blacksmith, research, and other effects can reduce the crafting time.

Items come in five qualities: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. You have to first craft a white item before can upgrade it to the next level.


The items come in several sets:

Set name Source of ingredients
Builder Rebel Leader
Champion Gathering resources
Frost Rebel Leader
Glorious Jewelry Events ($$)
Glorious Events ($$)
Huntsman Rebel Leader
Maester Rebel Leader
Mountain Clan Events ($$)
New Lord Events ($$)
Oath Rebel Leader
Rebel's End Rebel Group Elite
Storm's Rage Rebel Leader
Sunspear Rebel Leader

Collection bonus[]

Collect specific number or quality of Set Equipment pieces to activate a collection bonus. You don't have to equip them on your Lord to activate the bonuses, and they are effective even when your lord is captured or executed.

Equipping the items[]

To equip the crafted gear, click the icon of your lord in the top left corner, then click one of the item slots next to your lord.

Lords start with 6 inventory slots: head, main hand, Legs, off-hand, armor, and accessory. Upgrade your Blacksmith to level 19 to unlock second accessory slot; third accessory slot requires Blacksmith level 25.