The Seven Kingdoms contain many well-known Castles. They represent the honor, power and wealth of the great houses. The Alliance that occupies and rules a Castle gains the support of its subjects as well as the bonuses and buffs the Castle provides.

Dispute rules[edit | edit source]

Dispute: When this status is active, all Alliances may dispute the possession of the city. The Alliance that occupies the city at the end of the countdown becomes the owner. When the ownership of a city changes hands, the occupation countdown is determined by the start time of the current battle. When King's Landing enters a state of peace, a countdown of 5 days will start, after which all cities reenter disputed status.

Peace: Castles at peace cannot be disputed.

War of the Kingdoms: Great cities cannot enter peace. Invaders from other servers can join in city siege.

Castle buff[edit | edit source]

Castles occupied or owned by an alliance grant a buff to all alliance members. Occupying the same castle in different kingdoms does not stack.

Castle Buff
Casterly Rock Cavalry attack +20%
Castle Black Infantry attack +10%
Dreadfort Cavalry attack +10%
Eyrie Bowmen attack +20%
Greywater Watch Bowmen attack +10%
Gulltown Total attack +5%
Harrenhal Total health +5%
Highgarden Total health +10%
Most Cailin Spearmen attack +10%
Oldtown Total attack +5%
Pyke Total defense 5%
Riverrun Infantry attack +20%
Storm's End Total defense +10%
Sunspear Spearmen attack +20%
The Twins Total attack +5%
Winterfell Total attack +10%

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