Game of Thrones Winter is Coming (Game) Wiki

aDSEHRDTJXThe developers of the game occasionally distribute gift codes that give free stuff.

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Redeeming codes[]

  1. Start the game.
  2. Click Benefits.
    Accessing benefits.jpg
  3. Scroll down to Redeem Code.
    Redeem Code.png


Last time they game a gift code at 1,000 members on their subreddit, Go and join their reddit to get to 2,000 for possibly another code! GOTWIC Subreddit

Stay informed[]

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Giving Free Secret Gifts to last event Winners! - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming


Here are all known codes. (Date Format: DD-MM-YYYY)

Code Status Since Checked Expire Date
3RDANNIVERSARY2022 Active 15-04-2022 17-06-2022