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The kingdom map contains randomly spawning resource nodes. Your armies can march to the nodes and gather the resources for your kingdom. The number of armies cannot exceed your Deployment Limit.

Your armies have to travel to the resource node. Gathering takes time, up to several hours. Troops have a maximum carrying capacity. You can increase these statistics using research, lord equipment, commanders, castle exteriors, Sept of the Seven buffs, and other means.

When your armies are done gathering, they return to your city. You will also receive a gathering report via in-game mail.

Tip: Whenever you completely deplete a resource node, a similar node will spawn. Partially depleted nodes do not appear when searching for nodes. Some alliances require that their members always fully deplete nodes.

Resource nodes[]

Nodes come in five tiers. Higher tiers can be gathered faster and they have a higher maximum capacity. Many resource nodes can additionally grant extra materials for crafting at the Blacksmith.

Node Resource Crafting 1 2 3 4 5
Farmland Grain Jute 225,000 412,500 900,000 1,575,000 4,125,000
Lumberyard Wood Poplar Branch 180,000 330,000 720,000 1,260,000 3,300,000
Mine Iron Corundum 135,000 247,500 540,000 945,000 2,475,000
Mint Gold Dragons - 67,500 123,750 270,000 472,500 1,462,500
Quarry Stone Cobblestone 180,000 330,000 720,000 1,260,000 3,300,000
Diamond Mines (*) Blue Diamond - 50 100 400 700 2100

(*) Diamond mines spawn only in a limited time period following a War of the Kingdoms event.

Video Guide[]

When do Diamond Mines spawn? How to unlock them, check out the video guide!


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