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This wiki has been started on April 4th, so its still new and heavily under construction. All help will be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, the founder of this wiki is not a native english speaker. Please, excuse any mistakes he made and feel free to fix them in case you encounter any.

Cells in tables with / or 0 mean values in those fields are known - and empty, non-existent, or simply equal to 0. Cells which are empty (even in case other around are not) mean those values are unknown or unconfirmed, and thus were not filled in yet. Please, if you happen to know any missing values, fill them in.

--Amaroth7 (talk) 10:37, May 1, 2019 (UTC)

Misc notes to be added somewhere:

  • 1 point of Stamina - 300s
  • 1 point of Motivation - 12s
  • 1 point of Endurance - 35s

How to increase army size:

  • Level up Castle

Attacking other players:

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