Expedition Beyond is a daily activity in the Training Grounds. Get Refinement Ore to refine your equipment.

Requirement: Players with Castle level 18+

Fight through 10 powerful opponents in a row. Opponents in this mode are PC controlled copies of other player’s formations.

Commanders’ Health, Might and Troops do not reset after each battle. Avoiding excessive losses is the key to victory! Your troops in Barracks will not be affected at all.

Choose your difficulty mode and challenge[edit | edit source]

There are 5 difficulties for each stage. You have to clear the previous difficulty to move on to the next one. Each day you can only choose ONE difficulty to challenge. Once chosen, the difficulty cannot be changed and progress cannot be reset on the same day. Your formation will be fixed at Infantry-Cavalry in this mode. Choose carefully!

Level up your commander and bring your dragon[edit | edit source]

The higher quality your commander is, the more troops can you bring into the battle. The troop quality depends on your research level. Meanwhile, you can bring your dragon to assist you in the battle.

Items that provide battle bonus (Fervor, etc.) and Lord Talent have no effect in this event.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Defeating each opponent grants you the necessary materials – Refinement Ore for Equipment Refining, as well as various items.

Difficulty Total ore Ore by battle
Easy 200 10+10+15+15+20+20+25+25+30+30
Normal 235 20+20+20+20+20+20+25+25+30+35
Expert 285 25+25+25+25+25+25+30+30+35+40
Master 345 30+30+30+30+35+35+35+35+40+45
Nightmare 395 35+35+35+35+40+40+40+40+45+50

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