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Uncover the mysteries of the dragons within the mists of the Smoking Sea.

  1. The Lost in the Smoke event is available from 2020-05-27 00:00:00 to 2020-06-01 00:00:00 (server time).
  2. Lost in the Smoke has 8 phases. Each phase have 4 objectives. Completing each phase will grant players corresponding rewards.
  3. Players can move to the next phase after completing all objectives for the current phase.
  4. Completing all phase objectives will grant the Ultimate Rewards

Tip: You can make progression for not yet unlocked stages.

Video Guide[]


Dragon Trail Campaign - Events - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Lost in the Smoke[]

Play as Arya Stark in this chapter.

Bức thư từ Thành cổ[]

Một con quạ mang một thông điệp từ Hoàng thành. Thông điệp đề cập rằng một con rồng đã được phát hiện gần Biển Hút, những tàn tích bị vỡ nát và ngập lụt của bán đảo Valyria được hình thành sau Doom of Valyria. Truyền thuyết nói rằng dưới đống đổ nát của Ngọn lửa mười bốn, những bí ẩn lớn và sự giàu có rộng lớn đang chờ đợi.

Into the Smoking Sea[]

The adventurers' ship sailed across the Smoking Sea. It was a dangerous and ominous place filled with roaring volcanoes, smoking rocks, and boiling water. Legend says that a great evil murmers beneath the surface of the water.

Ruins of the Flames[]

A strange storm suddenly rolled in and blew away the tick smoke that had blanketed the Smoking Sea for years. The adventurers looked across the sea and saw faint sources of light scattered in the distance. Were they being guided by the Fourteen Flames? They sailed towards the lights throughout the night. When the adventurers finally reached the shore, they found nothing but rocks and abandoned mines.

  • Explore an area with your dragon 3 times, rewards: 1 * Black Bear Meat
  • Gather resources 10,000,000, rewards: 500 * Blue Diamond
  • Exchange with the Merchant Ship 10 time(s), rewards: 10 * Grain [500,000]
  • Defeat 5 Rebel Group(s) **, rewards 5 * Advanced Skill Raffle Token

** Can use City Affairs

Ancient Lair[]

The adventurers fruitlessly searched the ruins around the Fourteen Flames for 3 days. Finally, they stumbled upon a cave on the cliffside. Within, a gigantic dragon bone shined like obsidian in the dark. But the dragon mentioned by the Maester's message was still nowhere to be found.

Precious Gold[]

The ground inside the cave was muddy. The adventurers saw something shining from the rocks inside the cave. It was gold. According to the legends, Valyrian miners dug their way through the mountains in search of gold, only to be buried by cave-ins. There is no lack of danger here.

  • Claim Mysterious Chest 5 times, rewards: 10 * Wood [50,000]
  • Use resource packs to increase resource by 10,000,000, rewards: 5 * EXP Points [1,000]
  • Clear the stages in the Weirwood Trial 50 times, rewards: 5 * Gold Dragons [600,000]
  • Win at the Training Grounds 20 times. rewards 2 * VIP Points [1,000]

The Firewyrm[]

The adventurers were digging for treasure in the cave when a reddish creaste the size of a man's forearm sudenly emerged from the ground and spewed flame from its mouth. The creature was known as the Firewyrm, a distant relative of the fire-breathing dragons.

Lost Treasures[]

The well-prepared adventurers quickly dispatched the Firewyrm. The hole from which the Firewyrm appeared revealed a hidden sub-cave beneath them. The adventurers lit a torch and looked in awe. What they saw were treasures that shined like stars in the night sky under piles of dragon bones.

  • Help ally 80 times, rewards: Alliance Coin [30,000]
  • Treat 10,000 wounded soldiers in total, rewards: 5 * Iron [500,000]
  • Attack Rebel Leaders 30 times, 5 * Race Boots 25%
  • Defeat Rebel Groups 30 times, 5 * Advanced Skill Raffle Token

Smoking Sea Survivor[]

The adventurers left the Smoking Sea with their ship filled to the brim with treasure. They have become the only adventurers who made it back to Westeros alive. People start to call them the "Smoking Sea Survivors" and the tale of their miraculous journey was spread across the world.

Join the great dragon hunt[]

This is the ultimate phase rewards:

Recharge Event[]

Log in to the game once during the Dragon Quest campaign

Accumulate 10 black diamonds during the Dragon Trail Campaign

Accumulate 50 black diamonds during the Dragon Trail Campaign

Accumulate 150 black diamonds during the Dragon Trail Campaign

Accumulate 300 black diamonds during the Dragon Trail Campaign

Accumulate 500 black diamonds during the Dragon Trail Campaign

Accumulate 1000 black diamonds during the Dragon Trail Campaign

Accumulate 1500 black diamonds during the Dragon Trail Campaign

Accumulate 2000 black diamonds during the Dragon Trail Campaign

Lairs of Flame[]

Exploratory Torch.png

The Lairs of Flame is a high risk, high reward chest opening event.

  1. Great treasures hidden in the dragon lairs beneath the Fourteen Flames await the boldest adventurers. The Lairs of Flame event is available from 2020-05-28 to 2020-06-01 (server time). Each player can only participate 10 rounds of Lairs of Flame during the event time.
  2. Players can choose to explore the Lair Entrance, the Lair Proper and the Lair Depths. They can select 10 items as rewards before starting.
  3. Players begin opening treasure chests after selecting the preferred rewards. Once set, the reward list can only be changed after all the chests are opened.
  4. Players need to use Torches to open chests. Opening a chest will grant a random item from the chosen rewards.
  5. Players can claim a Total Exploration Reward after completing certain amount of explorations.

Step 1[]

Lairs of Flame 12.png

First select the rewards you want:

  • 4 rewards from the Entrance
  • 4 rewards from the Proper
  • 2 rewards from the Depths

Afterwards press Explore.

Step 2[]

Lairs of Flame 2.png

You can buy the Exploratory Torches for 10 Black Diamond each. The cost to open the chests will stack, first 1, 5, 10 and then everytime 10 more torches until to the rewards from the Depths. First reward cost 100 torches and second is unknown at this time.

This means you will need at least 416 torches (or 4160 Black Diamonds) to open all chests. Added to that, the rewards are not given in random as the event says. You will need to explore the dungeon in order. First, you explore the Lair Entrance and get the 4 rewards from this level, then the entire Proper and get the 4 rewards from this level and then you can get hold of the juicy rewards the Depths which was what really motivated you to spent black diamonds in the first place. Some would call the this event a scam for your money, though the prices are awesome.

Smoking Sea Pack[]

Purchase the limited event pack to get great rewards

Free Pack: 1 * Speed Ups [1 hour]

50 Black Diamonds[]

200 Black Diamonds[]

500 Black Diamonds[]