Dragon Isle

The Dragon isle lies in the back of your city, in these old ruins your dragons live, sleep and eat when they are not hunting in Westeros.

When a dragon is home, you can perform several actions:

  • Feeding the dragons
  • Sending the dragon on expeditions
  • Increasing the dragon skills

Upgrading the dragon Edit

You can upgrade the dragon in several ways:

  • Level: Feed it meat to increase its level; until you hit a level cap for your size. You get meat mostly from dragon exploration missions.
  • Age / size category: Then you need Fiery Essences (Darkfyre) or Shadow Essences (Shadowmoon) to grow to next age category; this also takes 24 hours. The costs are: 5, 15, 30, 100, 250, and 500 (for ancient dragon). You get essences (slowly) from daily quests.
  • Skills: In parallel, you can upgrade your dragon's skills. Each day, you get 5 free rolls for basic skills and 1 free roll for advanced skills. You can then learn some skills and advance them. Dragons of an older age category can have more active skills.

Video Guide Edit

Dragon Isle - Buildings - Game of Thrones, Winter is coming

Dragon Isle - Buildings - Game of Thrones, Winter is coming

Darkfyre Edit

The first dragon. Add info how to obtain and prereqs...

Max level Phase Cost Unlocked ability Skills
1 Egg 5 Fiery Essences +24h None 0
6 Whelp I From Whelp I till Whelp II only food None 1
12 Whelp II 10 Fiery Essences +24h Construction 1h 1
18 Drake I From Drake I till Drake 2 only food Construction 1.5h 2
23 Drake II 15 Fiery Essences +24h Construction 1.5h 2
34 Young Dragon 30 Fiery Essences +24h Construction 2h, Research 2h 3
45 Adult Dragon 100 Fiery Essences +24h Construction 2.5h, Research 2.5h 4
50-55 Elder Dragon 250 Fiery Essences +24h Construction 3h, Research 3h 5
60 Ancient Dragon 500 Fiery Essences +24h Construction 3.5h, Research 3.5h 6

Active abilities:

  • Construction Speed: Reduce the current construction time by up to 3.5h. Cooldown 24h.
  • Research Speed. Reduce the current research time by up to 3.5h. Cooldown 24h.

Shadowmoon Edit

The second dragon.

  • You can purchase the egg at the Dragon Egg Merchant.
  • Darkfyre must be at least level 50 to redeem the Shadowmoon's egg.
Level range Phase Cost Instant Collection Dragon Bite Skills
0 Egg 200 Marks of the True Dragon N/A N/A 0
1-5 Whelp I 5 Shadow Essences + 24h 1 resource, 96h cd N/A 1
6-10 Whelp II 20 Shadow Essences + 1h 1 resource, 90h cd N/A 1
11-15 Drake I 40 Shadow Essences + 1h 1 resource, 84h cd N/A 2
16-20 Drake II 80 Shadow Essences + 1h 1 resource, 78h cd N/A 2
21-25 Young Dragon I 120 Shadow Essences +1h 2 resources, 72h cd 7h cd 3
26-30 Young Dragon II 180 Shadow Essences +1h 2 resources, 66h cd 6h cd 3
31-35 Adult Dragon I 240 Shadow Essences +1h 2 resources, 60h cd 5h cd 4
36-40 Adult Dragon II 320 Shadow Essences +1h 2 resources, 54h cd 4h cd 4
41-45 Elder Dragon I 400 Shadow Essences +1h 3 resources, 48h cd 3h cd 5
46-50 Elder Dragon II 480 Shadow Essences +1h 3 resources, 42h cd 2h cd 5
51-55 Ancient Dragon I  ? Shadow Essences 4 resources, ?h cd  ?h cd 6
56-60 Ancient Dragon II  ? Shadow Essences 4 resources, 30h cd 0.5h cd 6

Active abilities Edit

  • Instant Collection: Instantly complete random 1-4 resource collections that are in progress. Does not apply to Diamond Mines. The resources gathered do not count towards any events. Cooldown: 96-30 hours.
  • Dragon Bite: Use to reduce enemy army attack, and injure enemy troops. (Affect low tier troops first, the total injured troops does not exceed 5% of all troops in the city.) Cost: 10 Horn of Awakening. Cooldown: 4 hours

Dragon skills Edit

Dragons can learn passive skills that help your troops in combat or while gathering resources. The dragon must join your army on the mission in order to make the benefits active.

  1. Obtain skills from skill raffles and dragon exploration
  2. Activate the skills and upgrade them (by consuming other dragon skills)

See also: Feature introduction

Dress up Edit

You can apply custom colors to your dragon on the Dress Up tab of the Dragon Isle.

  • Dyes: Change the color of a part of your dragon. Dyes of various duration are available from the Dragon Egg Merchant for marks of the true dragon.
  • Scars: Add scars to your dragon. In addition to cosmetic effect, scars also grant you bonuses. For example, Enemy Army Health reduction 3%.

More colors of dyes and scars will be available in future seasons of Westeros Pass and other in-game events.

See also: Feature introduction

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