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In this event introduced in January 2020, collect Dragon Bait by hunting down Rebel Leaders and spawn a Dragon's Lair.

Then rally it with your strongest friends to obtain rewards needed to hatch your dragon egg.

Video Guide[]


Dragon Hunt - Event - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Dragon Bait[]

Dragon Bait.png

While the event is active, defeating rebels will occasionally yield a Dragon Bait. The bait comes in 5 levels, depending on the level of the defeated rebels:

Rebel 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21+
Bait 1 2 3 4 5

Rallying the dragon[]

Collect the baits during the event and gather them in your inventory. You can activate the bait immediately or even later, after the event. Particularly for higher level lairs, consider waiting until many alliance members are online.

Use the bait to spawn a Dragon Lair nearby. The dragon will stay for 60 minutes, or until you defeat it.

Any player can rally the dragon, even members of other guilds. For higher level dragons, best wait for a player with large rally size.

Joining the rally costs 300 Endurance.

Quote by ZurEnArrhBatman, originally posted on Feb 21, 2020 (reddit)
Cavalry provide the best damage-to-defense ratio. But there's a nifty trick to reduce your losses even further. Make sure you run:
  • Exactly 1 infantry (Provided by rally leader. T1 is best)
  • Exactly 1 spearman (Provided by rally leader. T1 is best)
  • Rest cavalry (T3 and T4)

Run spearmen-infantry formation and restrict participants to only cavalry. The infantry and spearman will absorb an entire attack each, reducing your overall casualties by 25% or more compared to pure cavalry.

Obviously, the rally leader should be optimized for cavalry bonuses for best effect.

Rally rewards[]

A successfully rally awards 1 to 7 Marks of the True Dragon, some speed ups or resources, and a rare chance for Shadow Essence and Horn of Awakening.