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Troops are the soldiers that fight for your lord. You can train new troops at the Barracks. Additionally, you can get some free troops from the Tavern.

Types and counters[]

There are four types of troops: Bowmen, Cavalry, Infantry, and Spearmen. All types are useful.

  • Use Cavalry to fight Infantry
  • Use Infantry to fight Spearmen
  • Use Spearmen to fight Cavalry
  • Bowmen have the best offense but they are vulnerable once exposed.

Video Guide[]


Troops & Bonusses - Masterclass - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming


Troops come in four tiers. You need to research the appropriate technology at the Maester's Tower to unlock higher tiers.

Tier Name
T1 Light
T2 Veteran
T3 Elite
T4 Royal

Tip: Unlocking T4 troops is an extremely long-term endeavor even for paying customers.


When gathering resources from resource nodes on the world map:

  • Cavalry troops are the least efficient gatherers. (You need more troops to fully clear a node)
  • Bowmen are the most efficient gatherers. (You need fewer troops to fully clear a node)

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