Castle Exteriors change the visual of your Castle on the world map. In addition to the cosmetic effect, they can grant your kingdom several benefits.

  • Owned bonuses apply if you own an exterior
  • Active bonuses apply if you are currently using that exterior

To change the exterior, go to your Castle building and switch to the Exterior tab. Only a single exterior can be active simultaneously.

Castle exteriors can be either permanent or they have a limited duration, for example, 3 days or a month.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Exteriors usually come from limited-time events, for example Westeros Pass, and they often require Black Diamond purchase.

List of castle exteriors[edit | edit source]

Name Owned bonus Active bonus Source
Ancient Capitol Westeros Pass, season 1
Diamond Mine Disguise Westeros Pass, season 5
Crimson Fort Hospital Capacity +5k, Army Shelter Capacity +100k Research speed +10%, Endurance Recovery +10%, Total Health +5% Westeros Pass, season 8
Dunes Fort Construction Speed +5%, Reinforcement Capacity +10k Forging Speed +20%, Expedition Damage Increase +20%, Expedition Troop Marching Speed +10% Westeros Pass, season 7
Garden Keep Construction Speed 5% Stone Production 10%, Wood Production 10%, Transport Marching Speed 10%
Grand Keep Army size +10k, Reinforcement Capacity +10k Endurance item usage limit +3, Hospital Healing Speed +10%, Hospital Capacity +5k Westeros Pass, season 6
House of the Falcon Bowmen Attack +10%, Fortification Construction +15% Total Defense +5%, Hospital Healing Speed +10%, Fortifications Attack +20 Westeros Pass, season 9
Infernal Fortress Battle of the Long Night
Keep of Kings Army size +10k, Rally size +10k Rallied army attack bonus +10%, Increases defense for a... 10%, [Area] Allies Army Defense +10% Keep of Kings
King's Glory Weakened by enemy +5%, Hospital capacity +5000 Weakened by enemy +10%, Infantry attack +10%, Infantry defense +15% Lost in the Smoke recharge event
Mint Disguise Gold Dragons productions 10% Gold Dragons capacity 10%, Motivation limit +300, Investment Amount +2000 Westeros Pass, season 3
Rose Keep Westeros Pass, season 4
Shadow of Valyria Westeros Pass, season 2
Titan Fortress Army size +10k, Rally size +10k Total Health +10%, Total Defense +10%, [Area] Enemies Army +10% Titan Fortress
Winds of Winter Army size +10k, Rally size +10k Total Attack 10%, Total Health +10%, Total Defense +10%, [Area] Enemies Army +10%
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