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Castle City Siege is an event introduced in April 2020.

A massive clash of alliances from multiple servers will create a War of the Kingdoms (or KVK) event of which the likes are not seen before. Hold objectives for the longest time to win the title of Conqueror Champion with an insane amount of benefits.

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Castle City Siege - Events - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming


10 or more servers will be matched together to join a special event map called the Warring Kingdoms and each player can fight to occupy the only city - Champion City, which is similar to a normal castle siege. Each siege lasts for 2 hours once a month, and the player who occupies a castle city for the longest duration will become the Champion Conqueror. The conqueror has special privileges and is able to confer a title as well as granting tons of rewards to anyone from the kingdoms that have participated in that siege.


  • Lvl 25 Castle only
  • Champion Invitation required. (10,000 Diamonds to purchase)
  • Kingdom not under protection before the beginning of the preparation phase

General rules[]

  • Enter a special event map via the Cross-Server Page.
  • Unlike in Alliance Conquest or Army of the Dead events, troops that are wounded or killed are real.
  • However, your lord will NOT be captured and your resources will NOT be looted.
  • People who do not plan to participate can still enter the battlefield and observe the battles.

Rewards and Tokens:[]

Champion Conqueror receives special privileges:

  • confer titles
  • grant rewards to anyone from the kingdoms who participated in siege
  • get 500,000 diamonds, unique badges, and a special marching effect

Participation rewards

  • Killing a T3/T4 troop awards Battle Tokens.
  • Losing T3/T4 troop awards Bravery Token.
  • Tokens can be exchanged for rewards, such as Honor banner and 4 new badges that increase both attack and defense of a certain troop type.

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