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Army of the Dead (short: AoD) is a seasonal event where you work together with your allies, defend the Wall, and get a chance to win the exclusive Winds of Winter (30 days coupon), diamonds and lots of resources!

While you are guarding the wall and defending against waves of White Walkers north to the Wall, don’t forget to attack Rebel Groups and Rebel Leaders and gather resources from the First Men Mines in the south. The Night King will periodically to enhance the next attack wave. Strategize and make full use of the five special buildings south to the wall to gain more points and defend as many waves as possible.

Note: This event does not exist anymore. It was canceled and replaced by R'hllor Trials

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Army of the Dead - Guides - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming (New version)

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Army of the Dead - How to play - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming


  • Kingdom must be open for more than 9 days
  • Alliances with at least 25 active members with Lv.17 Castles or higher
Note: Members are considered active if they have logged into the game within 48 hours before the registration phase.


Before entering the event map, you have to register and wait for matchmaking. Adjust your equipment sets and buffs in advance.

  • Duke and alliance officials can register during the registration period.
  • There are four 1-hour time slots available for the alliance to participate: 01:00-02:00; 07:00-08:00; 13:00-14:00; 19:00-20:00 (All GMT)
  • 3 registered alliances are randomly grouped based on their power in a round of battle. There may be one group with fewer than 3 alliances.
  • You cannot join or quit a registered alliance before the end of each round. Registered Alliances cannot be dismissed.
  • 30 minutes before the battle, you can enter the event map with up to 3 million troops.
  • Your city benefits from a 2-hour Truce.
  • No resources are consumed during the event.
  • Players LOSE NO TROOPS during the event.
  • You can heal wounded troops in your hospital for free, at a faster rate than normal. You can use speedups.
  • You can leave the map by quitting the match but you will NOT be able to rejoin afterward. You can’t join the match without registering first or not entering the battlefield in time.


Select a spot for your base. Either:

  • defend the Wall by sending troops to Castle Black, or
  • defeat rebels to collect resources for upgrading related buildings.
Night King’s power and army
  • The Army of the Dead will strike Castle Black. Each of the troops in defense will battle with the dead army individually and get Individual Contribution Points.
  • The Night King will periodically use his power to enhance the next attack wave. The enhancement level is determined by the Night King's Power level, and you can upgrade the Bonfire structure to reduce the night King's Power.
  • The Wall have their durability; the match ends when the Wall durability reaches 0.
  • The match ends after players have defended the Wall for 60 minutes or if the Wall durability reaches 0. Defend as many waves of White Walkers as you can!
  • Race Boots can’t be used in the Army of the Dead event. All buffs from Sept of the Seven except for Gathering Speed Bonus can take effect in the Army of the Dead event.
Enhance the Wall & Assist

South of the Wall, collect resources and upgrade different buildings. Once the match starts, enemy troops will spawn around the map. Send troops or commanders to defeat them and collect vital resources that can help you in the fight.

Enemy Send Reward
Rebel Group ? Dragonglass
Rebel Camp ? Dragonglass
First Men Mines ? Dragonglass

Dragonglass is used to upgrade the buildings. Details are displayed in the table below.

Buildings and skills/buffs[]

Name Necessary resource Skill / ability
Maester's Tent Dragonglass Increase healing speed in a certain amount of time. Max level 10.
Stable Dragonglass Each level grants 1 use of Quick March for all players (Increase army marching speed for a duration, or extend duration). Max level 10.
Training field Dragonglass Each level grants 1 use of Special Training for all players (Increase army attack and defense, or extend duration). Max level 10.
Sacred temple Dragonglass Each level allows you to choose 3 buffs, active until the end of the match. Max level 10.

Battle shop[]

Alliance Duke and Officers can now purchase Speed-up items for Marching and Healing during the event, which is similar to Alliance Conquest.


  • You can win contribution points and Contribution Token by successfully defending waves of the Army of the Dead and transporting resources to buildings.
  • In each round, all members of alliances that participated in the top 20 scoring battles (top 100 for Season 1) for defeating the most waves will receive an Alliance Ranking Reward.
  • In each round, alliance members that participate in the match will receive an Alliance Combat Reward for defeating a specific number of attack waves. Defeating more waves to obtain Refinement Ore and Badge Chests!
  • In each round, players can receive an Individual Contribution Reward for earning a certain amount of Contribution Points.
  • At the end of a season, the top 100 alliances and players will be rewarded respectively based on the Contribution Points that they obtain.
  • You can exchange the Contribution Token for Honor Banner and Refinement Ore in the Contribution Shop.

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