An alliance is a group of players that play together and compete in group events.

Joining an alliance[edit | edit source]

To join an alliance, you have to upgrade your castle to level 7.

Then, click XAS ...

Members and roles[edit | edit source]

An alliance can have up to 100 yeets.

This is the leader of your alliance.
The duke should appoint members to these three positions to enable certain alliance features:
  • Diplomatic Adviser
  • Financial Adviser: enables transport log
  • Knight Commander: enables battle log
The rest
  • Marquis - can kick alliance members
  • Earl
  • Baron
  • Knight

To see a more detailed overview of permissions, see Alliance > Alliance Feature > Alliance permissions.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Many events require that you are in an alliance
  • Rally attacks require that you gather your allies
  • Alliance members can transport resources to allies
  • Alliance members can defend each other, for example, using Protection Orders
  • In-game alliance chat

Alliance help[edit | edit source]

Alliance members can help shorten your construction and research time.

  • The higher the Castle level, the more help can you receive.
  • You get 800 Alliance Coins for every help sent, up to a maximum of 40k coins per day.
  • Each help decreases the duration by 1% of the remaining time, down to a minimum of 1 minute.

Disband countdown[edit | edit source]

The Alliance will enter an automatic disband countdown (15 days) if it has less than 15 members. The system will alert the Alliance Leader to quickly add Alliance members and keep the Alliance from automatically disbanding due to insufficient members. If there still insufficient members after the 15-day countdown is over, then the Alliance will automatically disband.

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