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Album Collection is a game feature introduced in July 2020. Collect photo shards to complete galleries that grant you various bonuses. To access this feature, click the Album button in the bottom menu, or press U.

Video Guide[]


Album Collection - Guides - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Photos and shards[]

Photos are divided into common and limited. Participate in weekly events to collect photo shards (or, very rarely, complete photos). Once you collect all 10 shards of a photo, you can unlock the photo. This grants you stats and power bonuses.

You can also trade shards with other players. Click an empty shard slot to open the trade interface: this will be the shard that you want. You can then select which shards are you willing to offer in exchange. Finally, you have to select a chat channel where you want to advertise your trading offer (usually alliance chat).


Each photo belongs to an album. Each album has 10 photos. Unlocking a certain amount of photos in an album grants you extra bonuses and improves your power.

You can also use photo shards to upgrade the album level to increase the bonuses. A common photo shard grants 1 album XP, limited shard grants 2 XP.